Our In-Depth Brentwood Cedar Natural Luxe Bed Review in 2020

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Can an eco-friendly sleep space make for a better night’s rest?

The Cedar Natural Luxe Mattress is where comfort, convenience, and eco-luxury meet to provide a premium sleep experience. This bed uses several natural and organic materials to make your bedroom an earth-friendly sleep environment.

Our Brentwood Cedar Natural Luxe Mattress review takes a look at these natural materials to help you determine if this organic build is what you need to for your bedroom.

This product only has one firmness option but includes a topper to soften the mattress up. This allows sleepers to seamlessly adjust the firmness of their bed, making it a versatile fit.

Stick around for a full look at this bed or skip on down to the scoring and summary for a brief analysis.

You will love the Cedar Natural Luxe Mattress if you:

  • Are earth conscious – This product has gone above and beyond to reduce its carbon footprint. It is made from a combination of premium natural materials including latex, cotton, two types of wool, and coconut husk, just to name a few. The latex and textiles have been awarded certifications that demonstrate Brentwood Home’s initiative to keep the earth squeaky clean.
  • Need enhanced alignment – This product uses a 5 zoned support technology to take the pressure off sore joints and to help ensure that your body sleeps straight.
  • Want a luxury experience – Not only does Brentwood Home use natural materials, but these foams and textiles are also some of the industries top products when it comes to quality and comfort.
  • Like bounce – Both latex and coils combine to give this product a little more spring than the average mattress. Combination sleepers can use this to their advantage to facilitate adjusting during the night.

You might not like the Cedar Natural Luxe Mattress if you:

  • Are shopping on a tight budget – Because this bed is made of such high-quality materials, naturally the price is going to reflect this. Shoppers should note that, while this is more expensive than many beds, purchasing the Cedar online can present hundreds to thousands of dollars in savings versus buying a similar product from competing retail stores.

Also if you want something different, you can see our highest rated beds in 2020.

Construction (Materials & Quality)

This mattress is compressed in a box and shipped directly to the customers home. Once in your bedroom, it works great on all surfaces: box springs, platform foundations, slatted platforms, and adjustable bases.

Arriving with the bed is an organic Dunlop latex topper. This is covered in a GOTS certified organic cotton cover and is paired with untreated New Zealand JOMA wool and organic cotton batting to create a plush feel that so many sleepers are sure to love. The latex on the inside is 2 inches, but in total, this is 3 inches thick.

The mattress itself is covered in similar materials. It has an organic cotton cover that has been filled with two layers of New Zealand JOMA Wool to help wick away heat and keep the surface of the mattress nice and cool. The panels of the mattress use 100% organic cotton Fibers.

Without the topper, the mattress stands at 12 inches tall, and with it, it is a whopping 15. Beneath the cover, there are 4 layers of materials that make up the construction of this product.

layers of the Brentwood Cedar Natural Luxe bed

  • The first layer is a 1-inch of Alpaca Wool that comes from the Netherlands. This is not only plush but is also hypoallergenic and a natural fire barrier.
  • The second layer is a zoned GOLS certified Dunlop Latex that has been articulated to provide optimal support, pressure relief, and cooling.
  • The third layer is 8 inches of individually wrapped steel coils. There are reinforced coils in the lumbar area to provide the proper support that this heavier area of the body needs. Included in this layer are edge retention coils that provide perimeter support.
  • The final layer is a 0.5-inch coconut husk that serves as a base support for both the sleeper as well as the coils above it.

Firmness (Support & Feel)

Mattress firmness on our site is scored on a 1 to 10 scale with a 1 being as soft as a could. This product scores at a 3 with the topper and a 5 if the topper is removed.

Without the topper, this feel is ideal for a wide variety of folks as it offers a pretty even amount of comfort and support that works for many body types and sleeping positions, gently cradling their bodies. With the topper on the mattress, this bed is on the plush side of firmness and will likely leave sleepers in a deep hug like feel.

The cover of this bed was made to be quite plush and cool. The latex layers help to make this a responsive feel and the coils in the base only add to this. This makes it ideal for combination sleepers who like to switch sleeping positions at night.

firmness levels of the Brentwood Cedar Natural Luxe

Back sleepers can enjoy this bed with or without the removable top. In either form the materials should conform to the small of the sleeper’s back, keeping them aligned. So it really comes down to each individual’s preference of a firmer or plusher feel.

Side sleepers tend to enjoy a softer sleeping surface, so many of these folks are going to enjoy this product with the topper on as this will help alleviate some of that side sleeping pressure that builds up in the hips and shoulders. There are some folks who like a firmer feel, and if that is you, using this bed without the top is also a viable option.

Stomach sleepers may lean towards removing the topper, seeing as these folks tend to like a firmer feel. The latex and coils work together to keep the sleeper’s hips elevated and lined up with the rest of their body, making this an ideal scenario for stomach sleepers.

Because of the included topper, this mattress fits a wide range of sleeping positions, preferences, and body types. This product should work well for most folks, though the brand has a recommended weight consideration of 400 lbs for individuals or 650 lbs for those who are sharing the bed.

Motion Transfer

If you co-sleep with a partner or pet, motion transfer can be a huge deal. Nobody likes waking up to someone hopping in and out of bed.

The design of the Cedar Natural Luxe should handle motion quite nicely – if you sleep light you know the importance of motion isolation. Latex is semi-absorbent, and the springs in the base help to trap motion at its source. While this bed may not perform as well as a memory foam at motion isolation, this is still a solid option and keeps most movements at bay.

Edge Support

This is another good feature that couples can enjoy. Having good support along the edges can allow sleepers to maximize their sleeping space. Bed-in-a-box brands do not always score as well in this category because they need to be able to compress to fit inside of a box.

This bed comes equipped with perimeter retention coils, a design that allows customers to sit up or lay on the edge without it buckling, allowing them to sleep from edge to edge.

Other Considerations

  • Trial Period – Customers who order this bed get 365 days to decide if it is right for them, thanks to a 1-Year Trial
  • Warranty – Shoppers can enjoy a 25-Year Warranty that covers manufacturing defects.
  • Shipping – Free shipping is available in the contiguous United States.
  • Organic Certifications – The cotton used to make this mattress is GOTS certified, while the latex has been GOLS certified, meaning these materials were produced without the use of artificial agents.
  • Optional White Glove Delivery – This is an in-home delivery service where your new product is brought in and your old mattress is removed.
  • Adjustable Base Compatible
  • Made in the USA
SizeDimensions (inches)Price (w/o discount)
Queen80" x 60" x 15"$2,899
King80" x 76" x 15"$3,299
Cali King84" x 72" x 15"$3,299

Final Thoughts

9.6 Total Score

With the Cedar Natural Luxe, Brentwood Home offers its customers target spinal alignment on top of some of the best materials this industry has to offer. Sleepers can sleep soundly on a natural sleep surface designed to keep them comfortable each and every night.

Materials & Quality
Support & Comfort
Edge Support
Value for Money

The Cedar Natural Luxe has a lot to offer in terms of comfort, support, and adjustability. Truth be told, it is probably one of the top options out there and although it may cost a pretty penny, the price is likely to be a worthwhile investment.

The brand offers an industry leading, 1-year trial to allow customers to test it out in their own bedroom. Does Brentwood Home’s luxury product belong in your home?

You are the only person who can know, so, happy shopping!

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