Our 4 Highest Rated Purasleep Beds – 2020 Reviews

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It goes without saying that owning a high-end memory mattress is something that could provide you with a lot of overall health benefits and great night of sleep. This is especially true when you compare the sensation to the one you’d get from a lower-quality bed.

High-quality memory foam with the proper density and natural materials alongside a range of other benefits can provide you with great comfort and convenience. This is capable of alleviating pressure points, eliminating pain radiating from the lower back, and providing spinal alignment with lasting positive effects.

With this said, Purasleep is a company which  claims to understand the values brought to you by high-quality mattresses. This is why it concentrates on not making any compromises, though they do want to cater to their customers financially by balancing high quality with affordability.

That said, choosing the best rated Purasleep mattress is challenging with all the different models on the market. Allow us to elaborate and pinpoint the points of interest to each one of them and provide you with some general knowledge about the brand.

Synergy Product Image medium SynerGel
  • High density 3.5 lb. memory foam
  • Unique proprietary Energex formula
  • Premium support foam
  • Height: 12"
Synergy Product Image medium Synergy
  • High density 4 lb. memory foam
  • Unique proprietary Energex formula
  • Premium support foam
  • Height: 12"
Serenity Product Image medium Serenity
  • High density 3.5 lb. microgel bead infused memory foam
  • Premium support foam
  • Height: 10"
CoolFlow Product Image medium CoolFlow
  • CoolFlow memory foam
  • Premium support foam
  • Height: 10"

Top 4 Purasleep Bed Reviews


SynerGel was developed to maximize comfort, and it is specifically intended to synergize your sleep. It uses a combination of premium memory foams infused with gel in order to deliver a high-end sleeping sensation.

The main intention behind the mattress is to ensure deep compression support as well as enhance cooling capabilities, hence taking care of some of the fundamental issues associated with memory foam. The bed promises to bring the right amount of support and comfort, and it virtually eliminates motion transfer. This makes it perfect for some couples as it would allow you to sleep comfortably without feeling the movements of your partner.

At the same time, the bed virtually eliminates heat retention issues as well as the feeling of being “stuck” that a lot of foam-based mattresses tend to induce. This is thanks to the responsiveness induced by the gel.


  • The bed sleeps very cool despite the substantial amount of memory foam
  • It is very responsive
  • Provides splendid amount of support and comfort


  • There is an off-gassing initial smell
  • It might be a bit bulkier


This is an affordable option compared to the previous one, but this doesn’t mean that it’s worse regarding quality. The Synergy bed by Purasleep combines premium foams designed to ensure that you receive proper support, enhanced comfort, and medium firmness catering to the preferences of the majority of sleepers.

The main difference is that this one doesn’t have gel in it which reflects immediately. The mattress isolates motion just as well, but it doesn’t prevent heat buildup quite as much as some of their others. At the same time, the pressure relief is considerable, but it may be a bit harder to move for some as the memory foam envelops your body quite substantially.


  • The bed is very supportive
  • It isolates motion splendidly
  • It relieves pressure points and has a hug


  • Not as many heat diffusors
  • The hugging is a bit more expressed


The Serenity mattress is specifically designed to provide you with conforming capabilities thanks to its 2.5-inch top layer. It’s made out of high-density memory foam which is infused with micro-gel beads. The main intention behind this infusion is to guarantee proper cooling capabilities and ultimate comfort.

As a result, the bed handles the heat retention issue commonly faced by memory foam beds well. It dissipates the heat throughout the entire surface, retaining little to none of it at all. Furthermore, the gel beads promote proper air circulation, helping even more to make sure that you don’t wake up sweating through the middle of the night.

The motion transfer is virtually nonexistent, and the support is enhanced thanks to the slight push-back brought by the gel. This is also something that would alleviate pressure points and potentially reduce turning and tossing.


  • Innovative infusion with micro-gel beads
  • Enhanced heat dissipation and reduction
  • Improved support thanks to the gel infused in the memory foam


  • Edge support is not quite as solid


As the name suggests, this is a mattress that places a lot of attention towards coolness. The mattress is intended to combine comfort, firmness, support, and coolness in one convenient sleeping solution that can truly impress.

The foam is energy absorbing, and it manages to alleviate both pressure and stress. It conforms to the body neatly, relieving painful pressure points. It can also help to conveniently reduce both tossing and turning, allowing for a deeper, calmer, and more relaxed night of sleep.

The memory foam used in the bed is made with the Cool Flow technology, and it is specifically intended to ensure that you sleep cool and comfortable.


  • Innovative Cool Flow technology for increased coolness
  • It comes with a removable and washable cover
  • 10 year comprehensive warranty coverage


  • There is off-gassing smell upon unboxing (will dissipate with time)

Why Should You Choose a Purasleep Mattress?

One of the main selling points of the company has always been their beds’ cooling properties. It’s obvious that for a lot of their mattresses, this is the main emphasis and it has worked out quite well. In the memory foam category, there are not many beds at this price point that address cooling.

Heat retention is a problem that a lot of people stay away from as they know the struggle of hot mattresses. Waking up in the middle of the night because of the heat of your bed is one of the most inconvenient situations you can find yourself in. That’s something that Purasleep manages to tackle.

Why You Shouldn't Buy a Purasleep?

On the other hand, if you are not a fan of memory foam, Purasleep mattresses are unlikely to be your thing. If you are a fan of the expressed push-back generated by latex and innerspring solutions, then you may be more comfortable with another brand. Additionally, Purasleep doesn’t offer a trial period, which may or may not be something that you value or feel that you need.

In that case, you can jump to our list of top overall picks for everyone's preferences.

How to Buy a Purasleep


The very first thing to consider when purchasing a mattress is its size. In order to pick the size, you’d have to answer a simple question – are you sleeping alone or are you sharing the bed with a partner? If you are sleeping alone, a Twin XL bed or a Queen mattress might be the best option.

However, if you are going to be sharing it with your partner, going for the King or even the California King size can be a better option. This would provide both of you with enough sleeping surface, and it would allow the motion-isolating properties of the bed to come into play. You wouldn’t have to worry about moving too much, and you also shouldn’t be bothered by the movements of your partner.

Firmness and Density

Now, the firmness is quite subjective as people of different weights are likely to experience it in a different manner. This is a critical consideration that you’d have to account for.

If you prefer sleeping on your sides, we’d suggest that you go for something softer with slightly more pronounced sinking. This can help to alleviate the pressure points caused by this sleeping position, and help induce a great night of sleep.

At the same time, if you are a back sleeper or if you prefer to spend your night sleeping on your your stomach, you might want to consider something slightly firmer to ensure that you receive proper spine alignment. Combination sleepers who like to change their position can pick something in the middle.


How long is your mattress going to last you? This is probably one of the most important questions which would justify your overall investment. With this said, Purasleep mattresses are known to be quite durable. They take advantage of innovative foam crafting technologies which bring a lot of reliability and longevity to their products.

The fact that they are covered with a 10-year warranty usually suggests that this is the absolute least amount of time that the bed is likely to last you for.

Price & Warranty

Setting up the budget and looking for comprehensive warranty coverage is something that you can do in advance. How much money are you prepared to spare?

As you can see, PuraSleep are not expensive beds, but they are also not that cheap. In fact, most are under $500 (click here for more options in this range). Make up your mind and decide how much money you are capable of allocating.

Sometimes in the world of mattresses, you get what you pay for. But there are definitely deals to be had – especially online. In terms of warranties, the majority of companies offer 10-year warranty periods.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a special bed frame?

You don’t need a special bed frame. You need to make sure that the size of your frame matches the size of the mattress. This may seem obvious, but it is undoubtedly worth taking into account. Apart from that, you can use it with the frame that you currently have if it is in good shape.

Can a Purasleep mattress topper make your bed more comfortable?

Yes, a mattress topper can make your mattress more comfortable. A lot of people are using toppers when their mattresses have begun to sag and to deteriorate. However, a topper will not provide the necessary support in this case. It can, however, increase comfort and tailor feel on a quality mattress.

In general, you will need something which is going to provide uniform support for your bed from top to bottom and from side to side.

For our recommended products in this category you can check out our Top 10 Mattress Topper List.

Do they have any retail stores to try it?

Purasleep products are entirely sold online. The company itself doesn’t sell to brick and mortar retailers which is part of the reason for which it is capable of maintaining lower prices for higher quality products.

Our Final Thoughts

All in all, Purasleep is a very convenient, affordable brand which brings high-quality mattresses and sleeping solutions. Its mattresses take advantage of contemporary memory foam technologies which are characteristic with their enhanced cooling capabilities.

This translates to a great night of sleep. The memory foam alleviates pressure points, and it does it in a very easy, non-obtrusive manner which is also something quite important. The company delivers high-quality solutions at a fraction of the cost you’d have to pay for them in any retail store.

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