Our In-Depth Best Price Mattress Memory Foam Topper Review for 2020

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Ready to take your bed to the next level? There ’s no need to throw the whole thing out and starting all over by shelling out money for a brand new bed, not when there are affordable toppers to be had.

This company believes everyone deserves a good night’s rest. The company was formed in an attempt to create affordable products that could improve anyone’s sleep quality. That’s why they focus on building comfortable toppers at budget-friendly price points.

Our In-Depth overview of Best Price Mattress Topper will let you know what you can expect from this product and how that fits into your individual needs. Read on to learn all about the benefits and features of this item to see whether or not it’s the best topper for you.

You will love this Memory Foam Topper by Best Price Mattress if you:

  • Need enhanced pressure relief – This model is designed to contour perfectly to the sleeper’s curves, even as they switch up their positions during the night. This is intended to promote even weight distribution and reduce pressure build-up as body parts push into the surface of their bed.
  • Have a restless co-sleeper – The company proudly promises minimal motion transfer as the foam is meant to absorb energy and isolate motion. This offers couples and people who share their bed with pets the ability to rest without feeling all of their partner’s movements.
  • Want a budget-friendly option – Best Price Mattress promises competitive prices that allow most shoppers to easily afford their various toppers.

You might not like this Best Price Mattress Memory Foam Topper if you:

  • Sleep hot – There are not many cooling properties in this product, which may cause it to retain some heat. This is actually by design, as the heat softens the overall feel of the material, aiding in the contouring. Shoppers who need a cooler item can opt for the company’s 2.5” Ventilated Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress Topper.

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Construction (Materials & Quality)

This 4-inch topper contains 1.5-inches of memory foam, designed to offer pressure relief and even weight distribution, with a 2.5-inch high-density foam foundation. The cover is made of a polyester mesh and can be removed via zipper for easier spot cleaning. Green tea has been infused into the foam, which is meant to add a scent that reduces stress and promotes a fresher smelling sleep experience.

layers of best price mattress memory foam topper

Firmness (Comfort & Feel)

This product will work in conjunction with your bed, enhancing its inherent features. The feel of this item is likely to vary depending on the firmness level of your mattress. Being a somewhat thicker product, this item may react independently from the bed more than a thinner model would.

The company says this model may feel quite firm when shoppers first lie down on it. After the foam begins to absorb the individual’s body heat, it should begin to conform to the body in order to offer enhanced pressure relief. Shoppers should notice even weight distribution as the material compresses to suit their curves.

Green tea infused into the foam promises to soothe the nerves, resulting in a deeper sleep and improving the quality of rest overall.

The materials may reform somewhat slowly, but should ultimately reclaim their original shape, reducing body impressions in the long run. Combination sleepers may experience slight difficulty when repositioning because of this slower response, though the material should conform to the new position fairly quickly.

This model will likely work for all position preferences. Most side sleepers are drawn to enhanced pressure relief, which helps to reduce pressure build-up in concentrated areas like hips and shoulders. This topper is intended to provide such relief.

Back and stomach sleepers should find the conforming nature of the foam offers extra support that prevents the hips from sinking below the rest of the body. This is meant to ensure good spinal alignment and weight distribution.

Overall, if you are looking to change the feel of your bed quite a bit, this may be a good choice, but those looking for a slight tune-up to their current feel may want to look for a thinner topper.

Temperature Regulation

Being a traditional memory foam topper without cooling gels or an aerated design, this product may be a little on the warm side. The material is designed to react to the sleeper’s body heat in order to create the desired contouring effect. Most shoppers should still be able to remain comfortable, but those who require extra cooling properties might want to consider the company’s thinner model that comes with gel infusions and ventilation.

Motion Transfer

Couples are promised fewer sleep disruptions as the foam is configured to absorb the vibrations that might normally travel throughout the bed as people move around. The company claims a minimum of motion transfer will be present in this product, which should make it a great fit for anyone who shares their bed with others.

Other Considerations

  • Cover – The cover features a polyester mesh construction with a zipper so it can be removed, allowing for easier spot cleaning.
  • Green Tea Infusion – The foam is infused with Green Tea to promote a soothing, calming effect which the company believes will promote deeper sleep and better quality rest. It is meant to reduce stress and calm the nerves.
  • CertiPUR-US® Certified – This topper is certified to have low VOC emissions and low levels of other chemicals and additives like formaldehyde and lead.

Final Thoughts

9.2 Total Score

Couples and side sleepers are most likely to enjoy the benefits of this dense and receptive item. Overall, this product is designed to meet the needs of most preferences. This item offers a great way for shoppers of all types and preferences to enhance the comfort of their current bed.

Materials & Quality
Support & Comfort
Value for Money

This topper is designed to soothe shoppers in multiple ways, both physically and mentally, which the brand believes is the key to improving the quality of your snoozing. Through the use of green tea infusion, customers are promised a sense of calm aimed to reduce stress and improve their overall sleep quality. Contouring is intended to reduce pressure build-up, offering a more comfortable sleep.

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