Our In-Depth Ameena Bed Review for 2020

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Are you dreaming of a mattress that can cradle your body and deliver firm support for your spine at the same time? Do you like the idea of giving back through your purchases?

Ameena was developed by the folks behind US-Mattress, an online and brick-and-mortar mattress retailer based in Michigan. With expertise gleaned from 500,000 customers over nearly 20 years, they set out to develop a bed-in-a-box option and an amazing charity. For every mattress they sell, they will donate one to someone in need.

In our in-depth review of Ameena, we will discuss the feel and features this mattress has to offer from cushioning depth and support to motion transfer and cooling.

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You will love Ameena if you:

  • Need pressure relief – The deep cradle of this mattress paired with a layer of contouring memory foam does an excellent job of relieving pressure that builds up where weight is concentrated, which can be an issue for some individuals, especially those who sleep on their side.
  • Want motion isolation – Foam, especially memory foam, has an excellent reputation for absorbing motion and blocking its path across a bed where it can disturb you or your partner. This bed’s exceptional performance in this category should satisfy even the lightest sleeper.
  • Love giving back – This company has generously committed to donating one mattress to charity for every mattress sold.

You might not like Ameena if you:

  • Want bounce – This bed’s foams are designed to absorb and cradle your weight and they work really well to isolate movement, but you will not feel a lot of pushback or bounce like you might expect to feel in a bed with innersprings.

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Construction (Materials & Quality)

Ameena mattress is compressed into a box and arrives at your door direct from the factory. All-foam constructions work best on flat surfaces, such as frames with close slats, platforms, or the floor of your bedroom. The bed is also flexible enough to work with adjustable bases if that is your preference.

The cover is designed to be thin enough that you can interact with the layers underneath, and it is made from breathable polyester and can be removed for spot cleaning.

The entire construction stands 10 inches high and consists of three layers.

layers of ameena

  • The first layer is 2 inches of Energex, a special formulation that is said to combine the most attractive features of latex and memory foam into a durable and hypoallergenic material. This layer offers good body conformance for pressure relief and a quicker response time to help ease repositioning.
  • The second layer is 2 inches of Thermaphase Gel Memory Foam that offers deeper-level pressure relief and contouring while helping to isolate motion. An infusion of ThermaGel™ helps to combat the heat retention that sometimes occurs with traditional memory materials.
  • The third layer is 6 inches of poly base foam, which is the foundation of the bed and its main source of support and spinal alignment for the sleeper.

Firmness (Support & Feel)

We scored this bed between a 6 and 7 out of 10 on our firmness scale with 10 being the firmest. This places it in the medium-firm range that tends to serve a large demographic of sleepers and variety of sleep positions.

The surface feels soft to the touch and, as you lie down, your weight will sink through the Energex right away. Once your weight begins to settle, you will begin to interact with the memory layer that provides deep pressure relief. Overall, the 4 inches of comfort material should hold your body in a deep, comfortable cradle.

Memory foam has a reputation for retaining heat, and if you are sleeping deeper in the mattress, you are less exposed to circulating air that can keep you cool. This brand has mitigated some of the risk of overheating by using more breathable materials closer to your body and has infused the memory foam with ThermaGel™ to help regulate temperature.

The small amount of bounce from the firmer base layer is neutralized by the memory layer, but the quick-responding top layers will assist you with repositioning. Most individuals will not have a problem moving around on this bed. Combination sleepers can take advantage of this when changing positions, all of which are well-served by the Medium-Firm feel.

firmness scale for ameena


Most back sleepers should feel the comfort layers conform to the curve of their lumbar region for consistent support that keeps their spine well-aligned.

Most side sleepers will love sinking into the Energex and Thermaphase Gel Memory foam layers for superior pressure relief in both their shoulders and hips, where pressure tends to build up under the body’s weight in this position. They should feel the comfort layer conforming to the full length of their body and the support layer keeping their spine straight.

Most stomach sleepers will feel the supportive layers hold their hips level with the rest of their body, which helps to keep their spine from arching uncomfortably.

It is important to note that everyone experiences firmness and sinkage differently and a lot depends on your body shape and size. Individuals who are significantly heavier may feel like their hips sink too deeply, especially those who sleep on their backs or stomachs, and they may find that a bed with a gentler cradle or a firmer feel is a better fit.

Motion Transfer

Beds with memory materials have an excellent reputation for isolating motion because they really work to absorb motion at its source and keep it from reverberating through the bed and waking your partner.

Ameena performs excellently in this category, mostly because of its minimal bounce and 2 inches of memory materials. Those who share their sleep space with a partner or a large pet should not have to worry about being jostled by motion transfer.

Edge Support

Edge support does not tend to be a strong point among all-foam beds, and this mattress performed similarly to competitive bed-in-a-box brands.There is some compression when sitting with your weight concentrated on the side or lying with your weight directly on the edge, which is to be expected.

When lying on the side of the bed, you should not experience any significant difference in support. This feature may not be a priority for you, but it is something to think about because it can affect the amount of available sleep surface, which can be important if you share your bed.

Other Considerations

  • CertiPUR-US® Certified – Foams in this bed have gone through rigorous testing to ensure they do not contain harmful levels of dangerous materials like VOCs, formaldehyde or mercury.
  • Charitable Initiative – Through their philanthropic program called the Ameena Dream Movement, this company has pledged to donate one mattress for every mattress sold.
  • Adjustable Base Compatible
  • Made in the USA

Final Thoughts

9.1 Total Score

Ameena is based on decades of retail experience for sleepers who want a comfortably deep sleep at an affordable price.

Materials & Quality
Support & Comfort
Edge Support
Value for Money

After selling mattresses for nearly two decades, the makers of Ameena set out to develop their own bed-in-a-box that would cradle the body for quality pressure relief and motion isolation.

A full four inches of comfort materials will cradle your body for a soothing sleep experience that should not sleep too hot. The gel in the memory foam and quick-response in the Energex top layer should alleviate some heat retention and help to ease repositioning.

This company’s charitable initiative is incredibly generous, and your purchase has the potential to improve not only your own sleep but that of someone less fortunate.

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