Our Addable Bed Review for 2020

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If you’re looking for a gel memory foam bed with an attractive and affordable price tag, you’ve come to the right place. With a price of about $500 for the Queen-size, Addable might turn out to be your perfect choice. One of the main reasons for this significantly discounted price is the fact that this bed company sells directly to the consumer through its online store.

It’s an awesome value and it does provide high-end quality, at least on paper. Let's jump straight into our overview of the Addable mattress to see if it's right for you.

However, we are here to evaluate if the bed holds up to the highest standards and that it is truly worth the money you’re paying, regardless of their decreased amount.

You will love the Addable if you:

  • Are looking for a great budget deal. Compared to other models of the same quality, Addable does make a serious statement.
  • Want great support. If you are experiencing issues with your back, this model could help you out. The mattress takes advantage of high-resilience poly foam in the support core. This can deliver the necessary back support that you might be looking forward to.
  • Like traditional memory foam. If you are a fan of the convenient hug that a memory foam bed provides, this could be the solution you consider. The entire thing is made of different types of foams that are strategically put together.

You might not like the Addable if you:

  • Want something more than a budget option.
  • Want a more responsive push-back. If you are a fan of the latex-like, springy push-back of the mattress, it might not quite meet your requirements (read more about latex vs. memory foam).

Now that we’ve explained the basics, let’s move forward and take a look at the essentials of the product.


The construction of the bed is quite important for the overall comfort and general sleeping sensation that you’d experience. With this said, Addable mattress takes advantage of three layers, and each one is made of different density memory foam.

The 1st layer is the so-called comfort layer and it is made of 2 inches of gel infused memory foam. That’s what’s going to provide the cooling and the overall comfort. The gel is also quite responsive and it would prevent the typical trapping hug that memory foam beds tend to come with.

The 2nd layer is the one for the support. This layer is made of poly foam. It is intended to further the comfort and to introduce substantial support to your back. It also plays the role of a transitional support layer – this can help people who are slightly larger as well.

The 3rd layer is the foundation of the bed. This layer is made of poly base foam and it is 6 inches thick. The layer intends to deliver the core support of the bed and the additional deep compression support for your body.

As you can see, the construction takes advantage of memory foam as well as gel, which offer many benefits.

layers of addable bed

Firmness and Support

We rate it a 6 out of 10 on the firmness scale (learn more about this rating). This is something quite convenient as it places the bed towards a medium-firm solution that the majority of people tend to prefer. The gel memory foam combined with the high-density poly foam transitional second layer do a great job when it comes to providing support to your body.

Furthermore, they take away the traditional and rather bothersome hugging sensation that memory foam alone tends to deliver. In other words – you shouldn’t have the feeling of being stuck.

What is more, overweight people can rest assured that they will be accessing the core foundation layer after the transitional one has already dampened some of the pressure.

This can increase the overall support and relieve pressure points substantially. This is something that even high-quality beds have troubles handling as well.

firmness scale for addable bed

Is it Comfortable?

Well, since comfort is one of the most subjective metrics out there, we’re going to put it this way: if you like memory foam beds, this one should truly appeal to you. If you want to be sleeping “in” the bed, instead of “on” it (as it is with most innerspring mattresses), this should feel very comfortable.

It provides a nice contour without making you feel stuck in it. This means that you will be able to move freely during the night. It is also a good fit for amorous activities. It breathes well but it can retain a slight heat – which may be a small drawback for some.

It has the ability to contour your body in a comprehensive manner which is going to enhance your own sleeping position while, at the same time, delivering the much needed and necessary support for your entire body.

This “hug” of memory foam has been one of the most noted and important things in the mattress industry for the recent years. It works to deliver superior sleeping capabilities and it can enhance your overall well-being as it would alleviate pressure from the entire body.

To Conclude

8.3 Total Score


The Addable bed is one of the best $500 solutions that you’d be able to find on the market. It provides substantial value (mainly because the bed is very affordable) but it delivers serious comfort, support, and overall appeal as well.

The bed holds up evenly with more expensive options and this is definitely one of its best suits. This is the main reason for which people tend to prefer it. After all, it’s not every day that you get to see a product with this quality at this inconsiderable price point.

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